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MapsPosted on May 29, 2021 by Darragh Mc Kay
The Google Map element has just been added to your collection. Add a map anywhere you want.

- Specify the initial coordinates
- Restrict the controls
- Add static or dynamic markers (more on that below)
- Use it as an input to get the maps current center, the selected marker or even the selected location.
- Place a pin at the center or where the user clicks
Custom markersYou can add as many markers to the map as you want. Justy specify the coordinates of one or a few markers and they'll show up on the map
Dynamic markers from ListsIf you want to list one of your collections on the map, simply wire it up like any other list, specify the marker's coordinates and its title and away you go. It's as easy as listing a collection. You can even use all the filters you would usually use
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